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OSRAM continued to showcase its cutting-edge and superior products to over 100 lighting professionals at industry roadshow and MoodifyTM Night in Bangkok, Thailand on September 22 & 23 respectively. The sophisticated and innovative lighting solutions, OPTIVALU® Sphere Light, Dot...
Events News | 11 October, 2016        

OSRAM unveiled its superior lighting products to over 150 influential lighting partners at the two roadshows and Moodify Night™ in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 3, 25 & 26 respectively. The meticulous lighting solutions, LEDTOUCH™ Downlight, PURSOS® Super High Power LED Fl...
Events News | 15 September, 2016        

OSRAM revealed its latest innovation once again to over 200 key lighting specifiers at the Moodify Night™ in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on August 15 & 17 respectively. With LEDTOUCH™ Downlight, PURSOS® SHP LED Flood Light and Media Tube® HO RGBW being th...
Events News | 30 August, 2016        

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